The present situation of the pandemia and the rules of the University Hospital in Frankfurt allow the organization of the European Examination in Dermatopathology on December 4th, 2021, as planned. Of course the pandemia is unpredictable and we will contact all registered participants in case the Direction of the University Hospital in Frankfurt should change anything.

At present we are accepting exclusively those candidates who could not take the examination in 2020. New application will be allowed only if places are vacant. Please do not send any new application: accepted candidates will be directly contacted by Prof. Metze.

Please note that the actual rules of the University Hospital in Frankfurt require:

1) participation allowed only to persons who have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before the examination or who have a certificate of recovery from a Covid-19 infection. A negative PCR or antigen test without vaccination or certificate of recovery is not sufficient. Data on vaccination and/or recovery (pdf files) have to be sent prior to the Examination and will be checked again on the venue of the Examination.

2) personal data with complete contact information (including cell phone number) will have to be registered for all candidates.

3) wearing of mouth-nose masks is mandatory during the entire examination when staying in any of the rooms.

4) all catering will be organized in open spaces.

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