Requirements to sit for the Examination
Candidates must have successfully completed their residency training in either dermatology or pathology as required by the various national licensing bodies (Board Certification).

It is expected that after completion of the residency training the candidates have spent a period of 12 months of specialized training (full-time) in dermatopathology or 2 years of experience training (part-time = 50%) in dermatopathology. The number of dermatopathology specimens seen in the training Centre must be at least 3,000 per year. ICDP-UEMS certified Training Centres are especially recommended.

A letter of reference by the chairman of the institution or the program director in dermatopathology confirming the training in dermatopathology must be sent with the application form.

In addition a copy of the Specialist Board Certification in Dermatology and/or Pathology and a curriculum vitae must be included.

Candidates working in the US cannot sit for the International Board Examination in Dermatopathology, unless they have already obtained the US Board Certification in Dermatopathology.